Recurring Billing Service

Recurring Billing Services

A standard payment gateway feature from Planetauthorize™

The Planetauthorize™ Recurring Billing feature enables merchants to manage and automate their customer subscription billing process. The Planetauthorize Recurring Billing Service allows merchants to accept all major credit cards and electronic checks.

Recurring Billing streamlines the process of billing customers on a recurring schedule and eliminates the need for merchants to incur the security risk inherent in storing credit card and ACH data at their location. The Recurring Billing service is included with the Planetauthorize payment gateway service at no additional cost.

Recurring Billing Service

The payment gateway has two distinct Recurring methodologies:

Subscription Based Recurring Model - Merchants set a unique billing schedule for each customer. For example, a merchant may establish a billing cycle for Customer A of $20 on the 15th of every month and Customer B of $50 on the 1st of every month.

Plan Based Recurring Model - Merchants establish pre-defined billing plans and link customer(s) to the specific plan. For example, a merchant may offer a variety of services at different price points. An important benefit to the Plan Based Model occurs when the merchant updates a plan - a single change affects many customers all at once, instead of updating each customer subscription individually.

Available Recurring Billing Cycles

Merchants can choose one of nine different payment schedules, including:

  • Recurring Billing Service Specific Day of the Month
  • Recurring Billing Service Daily
  • Recurring Billing Service Weekly
  • Recurring Billing Service Monthly
  • Recurring Billing Service Bi-Weekly
  • Recurring Billing Service Twice-Monthly
  • Recurring Billing Service Every Four Weeks
  • Recurring Billing Service Bi-monthly
  • Recurring Billing Service Quarterly
  • Recurring Billing Service Semi-Annually
  • Recurring Billing Service Annually

  • In addition, merchants can specify a recurring billing cycle and number of recurring payments . Once the payment schedule is established, Planetauthorize will automatically bill the customers’ credit card or checking account on the specified schedule. An optional email can be sent to the customer and/or merchant that contains the results of every recurring transaction (e.g. approved/declined).

    Advanced interfaces are available that allow the merchant to:

  • Recurring Billing Service Identify upcoming credit card expiries
  • Recurring Billing Service Manage credit card declines associated with a specific recurring payment cycle
  • Recurring Billing Service Search and edit future recurring payments
  • Recurring Billing Service Set it and forget it feature saves you time
  • Recurring Billing Service Always on-time payments improve cash flow
  • Recurring Billing Service Convenient payment processing software and payment options improves customer service
  • Recurring Billing Service Automatic schedule eliminates late fees and collection calls
  • Recurring Billing Service Securely stored information and reporting eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Recurring Billing Service Paperless process decreases invoicing costs by 90%


    The Planetauthorize Recurring Billing Service supports both fixed dollar amount and fixed schedule payments for maximum flexibility.


    Some of the benefits of The Planetauthorize Recurring Billing Service include:

    • recurring billing Fast processing time
    • recurring billing Provides a convenient way of authorizing or modifying large numbers of transactions

    How It's Used:

  • Recurring Billing Service Eliminates the need to store credit card and ACH data
  • Recurring Billing Service Integrates with SugarCRM and vtiger CRM
  • Recurring Billing Service Dramatically reduces the time required to process transactions that occur on a periodic basis
  • Recurring Billing Service Improves the ability to manage existing recurring payments if schedule modifications are required
  • Recurring Billing Service Reduces costly errors associated with keying payment data multiple times
  • Recurring Billing Service Increases customer service through accurate and timely customer payments
  • Recurring Billing Service Increases cash flow due to faster processing of regular payments
  • .


The Planetauthorize Recurring Billing Service can be used in any business where regular payments are required for the purchase of products or services. A small sample of these include:

  • recurring billing Subscription payments (e.g. newspapers, magazines)
  • recurring billing Fees and dues
  • recurring billing Insurance premium payments
  • recurring billing Loan payments
  • recurring billing Multiple installment payments
  • recurring billing Tithes
  • recurring billing Donations & Contributions

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