Free Single and Multi Lane Open Source Point of Sale Software

  • unicenta pos Sales, Refunds and Cash Management
  • unicenta pos Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • unicenta pos Retail and Restaurant Mode
  • unicenta pos Supports Card Swipe Transactions


Lightspeed Information

Retail SwIPe™

Free Retail Point of Sale Software for Microsoft® Windows

  • SwIPe™ for Windows Supports Card Swipe Transactions
  • SwIPe™ for Windows Free Mobile App
  • SwIPe™ for Windows Online Sales Reporting
  • SwIPe™ for Windows Supports EMV Card Reader


Retail SwIPe Information


Planetauthorize Retail VPOS

  • Planetauthorize Retail VPOS Supports Card Swipe Transactions
  • Planetauthorize Retail VPOS Online Product Catalog
  • Planetauthorize Retail VPOS Free Mobile App
  • Planetauthorize Retail VPOS Supports EMV Card Reader


Planetauthorize Information

J3 Point of Sale

    Single and Multi Lane Open Source Point of Sale Software

  • Sales, Refunds and Cash Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Retail and Restaurant Mode
  • Supports Card Swipe Transactions

J3 Point of Sale Information

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