Electronic Check Service

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Increase sales by offering multiple payment options. Accept and process electronic checks online, by telephone and fax.

Electronic Check Application
(U.S. and Canadian Merchants Only)


echeck application / ach Electronic Check Application Instructions
electronic check / ach Electronic Check Application


The Planetauthorize™ eCheck service is a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their eCommerce website, through the Planetauthorize Virtual Terminal, by using our Free Mobile payment application or by using our Electronic Invoice Manager.

By accepting electronic checks, merchants are able to expand the payment options available to their customers and increase sales.


Let Your Customers Decide How to Pay

Merchants that utilize the Planetauthorize eCheck Service can take advantage of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week sales opportunities. With the innovation of electronic technology and theecheck service cooperation of ACH, an Internet vendor can accept a virtual check via the Internet at a fraction of the cost associated with a credit card, and also have funds available as quickly as a credit card transaction.

The Planetauthorize eCheck service is a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their Web site's storefront or via any Internet connection using the Planetauthorize Virtual Terminal.


Benefits of the Planetauthorize Electronic Check Service


  • echeck service Only $0.50 cents per transaction
  • echeck service Recurring Billing included as a standard feature
  • echeck service Add Payment URLs to your Electronic Invoices
  • echeck service Lower Rates than Credit Cards, Google Checkout and PayPal
  • echeck service Virtual Terminal Included
  • echeck service Free Mobile Bill Payment Software
  • echeck service Impulse sales captures
  • echeck service Funds deposited directly into your business checking account
  • echeck service About one-half the cost of a credit card
  • echeck service Check Verification Database Available
  • echeck service Integrates with SyncPay for QuickBooks


Planetauthorize payment gateway is a leading payment acceptance system. Our payment service is secure, fast and reliable. To get started with the Planetauthorize payment gateway service Contact Us or call SaleManager, toll free, at 1-800-918-4890. Our knowledgeable payment specialist can tailor a payment solution specific for your unique business.

Featured Service

Sell on the Web, FaceBook and Mobile Devices

Planetauthorize offers premier payment solutions so merchants can accept payments from multiple venues:

Contact Us and have a payment consultant design a custom payment solution for your specific requirements.

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Billing & Invoicing

Electronic Invoice Manager & QuickBooks SynPay

Merchants using Planetauthorize's Electronic Invoicing system generate invoices with line by line detailed information. Invoices are automatically converted to PDFs, attached via email and sent to the customer's billing email address. Customers simply follow a link in the email to pay their open invoices. All invoices are kept within the payment gateway and can be easily retrieved or re-sent with a click of a button. There is no limit to the amount of invoices that can be sent. And, merchants don't need a website to get paid.

With Planetauthorize's QuickBooks® SyncPay, merchants can process the gateway transaction, create an appropriate accounting entry and automatically mark the transaction as paid without ever leaving the QuickBooks® environment.

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