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The proven leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), salesforce empowers customers to stand out from ethe crowd. Salesforce does this by delivering the most innovative technology and making it as easy as possible to share and manage business information.


The Salesforce CRM software-as-a-service solution combine award-winning functionality, proven integration, point-and-click customization, global capabilities, and the best user experience and the result is CRM success. That's why Salesforce has earned the trust of its customers and a customer success rate of 95%.

Planetauthorize™ offers a mobile payment application for Salesforce

  • The Planetauthorize mobile payment application for Salesforce allows user to accept all major credit cards and electronic checks and link payment transactions to a Salesforce record. Accept credit card payments in your local currency with Planetauthorize's Multi-Currency payment processing platform. Merchants also have the ability to load multiple merchant accounts in a single Planetauthorize payment gateway account providing a consolidated sales reporting engine.

  • Salesforce is an easy-to-use Web-based CRM solution for sales, service, marketing, and call center operations that streamlines customer relationship management and boosts customer satisfaction. Organizations can enjoy unparalleled productivity, revenue growth, and business intelligence with Salesforce CRM:

    Salesforce payment application by Planetauthorize Sales Force Automation: Exercise comprehensive control over your sales data and processes

    Salesforce payment application by Planetauthorize Marketing Automation: Integrate sales and marketing for optimized lead flow and ROI

    Salesforce payment application by Planetauthorize Customer Service Support: Build customer loyalty while improving agent productivity

    Salesforce payment application by Planetauthorize Partner Relationship Management: Increase channel revenue through your partners



      To get started with the Planetauthorize Payment Gateway service Contact Us or call SaleManager, toll free, at 1-800-918-4890.

Featured Services

Sell on the Web, FaceBook and Mobile Devices

Planetauthorize offers premier payment solutions so merchants can accept payments from multiple venues:

Contact Us and have a payment consultant design a custom payment solution for your specific requirements.

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Billing & Invoicing

Electronic Invoice Manager & QuickBooks® SynPay™

Merchants using Planetauthorize's Electronic Invoicing system generate invoices with line by line detailed information. Invoices are automatically converted to PDFs, attached via email and sent to the customer's billing email address. Customers simply follow a link in the email to pay their open invoices. All invoices are kept within the payment gateway and can be easily retrieved or re-sent with a click of a button. There is no limit to the amount of invoices that can be sent. And, merchants don't need a website to get paid.

With Planetauthorize's QuickBooks® SyncPay™, merchants can process the gateway transaction, create an appropriate accounting entry and automatically mark the transaction as paid without ever leaving the QuickBooks® environment.

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