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e-invoice from planetauthorizePlanetauthorize™ provides electronic invoicing, invoice presentment, invoice billing and recurring billing capabilities in an easy to use web interface. Now your customers can pay invoices online!

Planetauthorize e-Invoice™ is the on-demand invoice management service that automates the process of collecting, submitting, tracking and paying of supplier invoices. Customers can pay invoices by Credit Card or Electronic Check/Cheque. Multi-Currency Supported.


Planetauthorize is a fully-managed Electronic Invoice and Electronic Invoice Presentment service complete with Payment URLs and optional integrated CRM payment modules. With Planetauthorize e-Invoice, you can automate key components of payment processing with other company sales processes. That’s why Planetauthorize is the industry leader in Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Presentment and Bill Payment.


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Planetauthorize offers more features for less costs! Merchants save money and get paid faster with the Planetauthorize Invoice Manager service.


Reduce Invoice Processing Costs e-Invoice Manager from Planetauthorize

Nearly 80 percent of vendor and supplier invoice activity is paper-based. If your organization is like most, your A/P department is drowning in paper. A recent Aberdeen Group study found that companies who automate invoice processing observe:

  • e-invoice benefits Overall costs drop as much as 91 percent
  • e-invoice benefits 46 percent shorter invoice process cycle time
  • e-invoice benefits 12 percent fewer late payments
  • e-invoice benefits 30 percent less time spent responding to inquiries

Why Planetauthorize eInvoice?

Planetauthorize e-Invoice allows companies to quickly process vendor and supplier payment requests, solving common problems including:

  • Lower invoice processing costs. Planetauthorize eInvoice significantly reduces the costs of processing invoices by automating the collection, submittal, tracking and payment of vendor and supplier invoices.

  • Seamless Integration with QuickBooks. The Planetauthorize SyncPay for QuickBooks integrates payments processing with your small business accounting system.

  • Reduce invoice payment process cycle time. The cycle time to process supplier payments and check requests is significantly shortened with the Planetauthorize easy, quick and efficient automated solution. Recurring Billing is supported at no additional costs.

  • Improve control and compliance. Planetauthorize’s robust payment engine manages invoice payment acceptance. Combine iSpyFraud™ / FraudSensor.Net™ to add threshold management and advance fraud protection to your payment process.

  • Flexibe reporting. Planetauthorize proactive sales reporting approach offers complete visibility into the payment process.

Planetauthorize payment gateway is a leading payment acceptance system. Our payment service is secure, fast and reliable. To get started with the Planetauthorize payment gateway service Contact Us or call SaleManager, toll free, at 1-800-918-4890. Our knowledgeable payment specialist can tailor a payment solution specific for your unique business.

Planetauthorize e-invoice service

Value Added Showcase

The Planetauthorize E-Invoice Manager allows merchants to bill their customers without having a website.

To get started with a Value Added service simply access your Planetauthorize payment gateway account and select the requested service from the navigation menu. You may also contact Planetauthorize to activate service.

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Data Security & Threshold Management

Protect Your Customers and Your Business from Fraud

Planetauthorize offers a suite of security and control value adding services. Our security and control value added services provide the merchant with the industries most advanced security measures. A complete list of security and control value added services are listed to the right under Security & Control add-ons.

iSpyFraud Threshold Management

The Planetauthorize security and control add-on services include multiple filters and tools that work together to evaluate transactions for indicators of fraud. Our iSpyFraud service is a powerful and highly effective defense against fraudulent transactions. In addition to the transaction filters, the Planetauthorize iSpyFraud service also offers Velocity & Location Filters so merchants have complete control over their transactions. The Daily Velocity Filter allows you to specify a threshold for the number of transactions or transaction amount allowed per day, a useful tactic to identify high-volume fraud attacks.

Customer Vault service

Securely Store Customer Payment Information

Quite often merchants have a requirement to store customer payment data. However, the security risk of storing customer data can be costly. The Planetauthorize Customer Vault service empowers merchants with the ability to securely store encrypted customer payment data on our PCI Compliance servers, removing the security risk from the merchant.

Protect Cardholder Data with Merchant Defender

The Merchant Defender suite includes everything you need to take yourself out of the loop of having to protect cardholder data and virtually eliminates the burden of PCI compliance.


Merchant Defender eliminates clear text credit card information from a merchant's environment, regardless of their processing method. Merchant Defender will remove your network completely from handling any sensitive payment data. No matter what type of transaction processing used, clear text credit card data will never be transmitted nor stored on your network and devices. By ensuring that every interaction is completely secure, you can rest at ease knowing that if an intruder is sitting on your network, they have no access to any sensitive credit card data.

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