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Introducing the PlanetAuthorize™Load-balancing System. A standard payment gateway feature.

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Planetauthorize’s patent-pending load-balancing system makes it easy for merchants to process transactions using multiple merchant accounts with a Advanced Transaction Routing Interfacesingle payment gateway account. Each merchant account can process and settle in a different currency providing Multi-Currency support. Now merchants have the ability to process specific transactions using a specific merchant account. Unlike other solutions there is no need to open multiple payment gateway accounts.

PlanetAuthorize™ engineered a patent-pending load-balancing system that allows merchants to select which bank to use for different transactions. Each merchant account is identified by a unique Processor ID (e.g. refer to the Planetauthorize API). By selecting the unique Processor ID a merchant can select which merchant account to use for a specific payment transaction.

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PlanetAuthorize™ is the payment gateway of choice for Web Merchants, Retail Merchants, MOTO Merchants and Mobile Merchants.

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