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Migrate to PlanetAuthorize™ Payment Gateway. A standard payment gateway feature from PlanetAuthorize™.

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PlanetAuthorize’s Gateway Emulator™ makes it easy for merchants to switch from other payment gateway providers without having to rework or reprogram their application. 

The Emulator automatically understands other gateway formats, interprets their incoming transmissions and responds with their native message. By utilizing the Emulator merchants save considerable time and expense.

To get started with the PlanetAuthorize™ Payment Gateway service call SaleManager Merchant Services, toll free, at 1-800-918-4890.

Gateway Emulator


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Process credit card and electronic check transactions anywhere and anytime.

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PlanetAuthorize™ is the payment gateway of choice for Web Merchants, Retail Merchants, MOTO Merchants and Mobile Merchants.

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