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high risk merchant account Accept All Major Credit Cards (All Countries)
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high risk merchant account High Risk Merchant Account Application (All Countries)
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Planetauthorize™ is a leading online payment processing engine Planetauthorize is PCI Certifiedservicing Internet, Retail, Mobile, and MOTO merchants. The Planetauthorize™ payment gateway service provides high risk merchants with the ability to accept and process all major credit cards. We also have a echeck solution specifically designed for high risk merchants. Planetauthorize is a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Costa Rica), French (Canada)) payment platform that supports multiple currencies. Planetauthorize is the Global Payment Center!

Planetauthorize Payment Gateway for High Risk Merchants


High Risk merchants are service providers with a business that have a high turnover, an increased risk of fraud, and high credit rate.


It is hard to find a merchant account provider that will accept just any high risk merchant, merchants who run high risk businesses have a hard time with finding credit card processing. But the good news is we are a high risk merchant account provider, we allow high risk merchant accounts such as:


high risk payment gateway Adult Entertainment
high risk payment gateway Credit Repair
high risk payment gateway Collection Agencies
high risk payment gateway Cigars & Pipe Tobacco Online
high risk payment gateway Debt Consolidation
high risk payment gateway Electronic Cigarettes
high risk payment gateway E-Books & Software
high risk payment gateway Firearms - Online
high risk payment gateway High Ticket & High Volume
high risk payment gateway MLM & Bizops
high risk payment gateway Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
high risk payment gateway Health / Nutraceuticals
high risk payment gateway Penny Auctions
high risk payment gateway Ticket Brokers - Online Tickets
high risk payment gateway Travel & Timeshare
high risk payment gateway Online Pharmaceuticals (Registered)
high risk payment gateway Replica Products
high risk payment gateway Gaming
high risk payment gateway Forex
high risk payment gateway Bitcoin
high risk payment gateway Online Dating
high risk payment gateway File Share xxx`
payment gateway Online Tobacco / Cigarette
payment gateway Remote Technical Support Companies (NOTE: excluding companies based in India)
payment gateway And many more.


Our high risk merchant account solutions are simple and we welcome all merchants. We provide all kind of high risk merchant accounts because we know how difficult it is to start a business that is high risk and to build a reliable mutual relationship between the business and the provider. We are here to help your business rise.

After all, you could be missing out on more than just sales…. By accepting credit cards, you get all the Benefits of a Merchant Account:


  • High Risk Merchant Account Supports Retail, E-Commerce, Mobile and Mail order/Telephone Order merchants
  • High Risk Merchant Account Boost sales and improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their preferred form of payment.
  • High Risk Merchant Account Increase your average sale because the customer doesn’t need to have the cash on them.
  • High Risk Merchant Account Speed up the check-out process with efficiency and convenience.
  • High Risk Merchant Account Get paid Faster - with reliable, safe and secure payment technology.
  • High Risk Merchant Account Avoid the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash.
    High Risk Merchant Account Make your life easier - with simplified billing and payment reconciliation.
  • High Risk Merchant Account Accept payments from virtually anyone, anywhere.


The fact is, besides all the other benefits of a merchant account, people tend to spend more money when paying with a credit or debit card than when paying with cash. By accepting these payments, your increased revenue will compensate for more than just merchant account costs. So, to make your business more successful, take advantage of the benefits of a merchant account, and accept credit cards today!


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